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Consumer training is provided to teach an individual with a disability to exercise his or her rights and to be a self-advocate. This assistance is available not only to consumers, but also to their families and to organizations wanting to teach people self-advocacy skills.

We teach consumers how to achieve the independent life style they desire. This is accomplished through periodic advocacy workshops, teaching individual consumers how to handle situations requiring advocacy, providing information which affects the individual's quality of life, and encouraging consumers to become involved in issues which affect them.


Independent Living Skills

The Independent Living Skills (ILS) program offers an individual with a disability an opportunity to develop the skills needed to live as independently as possible. The ILS program can be administered individually or in a group.

The types of skills you can get instructions on can be:


Functional Ability & Equipment Communication
Health Care/Medical Issues Housing
Financial Management & Budgeting Transportation
Civil Rights/Law & Advocacy Social & Recreational
Self Help and Personal Educational/Vocational



Self-Care Daily Living  

To be eligible for the ILS program an individual must:

Have a disability

Be medically stable

Acknowledge that there are certain aspects that you would like to improve on

Contact LIFT today to speak with the Independent Living Skills Coordinator.

Information and Referral

LIFT provides information and/or refers individuals to service providers or options more suited to their needs. If we cannot help you, we can utilize our extensive resource library, computerized database, and interagency network to find the person who can. If you would like to request information from LIFT concerning a disability issue, contact us at 1-814-781-3050 or toll free at 1-800-341-LIFT(5438) or send questions to 503 East Arch Street in St.Marys, PA 15857 or email our Information and Referral / Assistive Technology Coordinator at liftilc@liftcil.org or lift@liftcil.org


Peer Counseling

With LIFT's peer counseling, a person with a disability can speak to a staff person who shares the experience of having a disability. We can discuss feelings about similar experiences and emotions, share tips, and explore social and recreational options. Our ultimate goal is to empower consumers to make their own choices.